Lady Musgrave Tour 2021

On August 27, 2021, thirteen of fifteen boats initiated their journey, alongside three of our awesome brokers, to Mooloolaba, as the first part of the Lady Musgrave Tour. All involved were glad the trip was able to go ahead, especially considering the Gold Coast and Brisbane went into a shock Lockdown in mid-August. It was an incredible sight to see such a big group of BMS clients travel out of the Gold Coast Seaway together on the first day. It really set the tone for the rest of the trip. We were super lucky to have had pretty decent weather, which made not only the travelling but the overall experience a little more enjoyable.

The following day, all 15 boats departed Mooloolaba and set off to Double Island Point (DIP), where they anchored for the night. Our clients and team spent the afternoon on the sand enjoying a sunset beach picnic. It was the perfect setting to mingle, absorb and explore the island surrounding. It was a truly magical place to stay and would definitely be recommended by all who visited.

The next day saw a trip from Double Island Point, through the Wide Bay Bar and around to King Fisher Bay Resort. Most of the group gathered for dinner at the local Restaurant, and shared laughter, stories, and food.
The night at Fraser Island unfolded into very interesting conditions on the water, however the trip across to Lady Musgrave the next day was picture perfect. Our crew had a ‘whale of a time’ on their five-hour exploration offshore.

Lady Musgrave had so much to offer our clients, who spent the afternoon snorkeling, socializing and absorbing Musgrave in all its beauty. The weather was just impeccable; it was a real treat. From Musgrave, several boats continued their journey north towards Hamilton Island, while some clients came back towards the Coast.

Overall, it was a great way for our team and clients to make long-lasting memories. We hope all who were involved reap the rewards from attending a group trip, such as this. We look forward to future trips together.

“Thank you to Spence, Matt, Matt, Grant and Tara for a fabulous few days.”

BMS Client – ‘anonymous’