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Looking to sell or upgrade your boat?

There comes a time in the life of every boatie when you’re ready to move on to another boat, or simply sell your current boat.

If you’ve decided to sell your boat, it is important that you give your boat the best opportunity to sell and to maximise it’s sale price.

We are the Gold Coast’s broker of choice to sell your boat

We specialise in good quality boats predominately over 25 feet including cruising yachts, and luxury power boats.

Our unrivalled knowledge of luxury boats and our commitment to service means that your boat will be taken off your hands, smoothly and efficiently, and boat buyers will find themselves the new owners of a boat that they will love and cherish.

Saying goodbye to an old friend is always tough, but that’s offset by getting top dollar that you can put toward that new dream boat. Located at the Sanctuary Cove Marina on the Gold Coast, our team of experienced sales consultants will help you maximise the price you get for your boat.

First impressions are often the make or break in a purchase. Our sales consultants will recommend the most appropriate pre-sale preparations for your vessel such as professional detailing, servicing and documentation record collection. We will also help you with planning for the interior presentation including pillows and bed linen, cleanliness and operation of TV’s and sound systems, appliances and small things that make a difference like light globe replacement.

We will also sell your used boat in the shortest space of time. We have a wide network of potential buyers, ready to buy. Our database of potential buyers enables us to match boat to buyer, and in most cases, facilitate a quick sale.

Due to demand we have recently taken on more berths, giving us scope to sell even more boats!

We would love the opportunity to sell your boat for you!

Selling your boat with BMS Prestige Boat Brokers is an easy and enjoyable experience.

If you are thinking of selling a boat, or would like an appraisal your boat, please ring us on 07 5514 8628 or complete the form below.

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In the meantime, read our tips for maximising the sale price of your boat.