Leading luxury motor yacht manufacturer Maritimo’s specialist custom division, Maritimo One, has produced yet another specifically designed vessel for a game fishing enthusiast New Zealand based owner.

The S51 sedan motor yacht is the first of the offshore cruising single level entertainers to be fitted with a state of the art game tower as well as featuring a number of other specific custom modifications to the cockpit, setup for sport fishing.

Maritimo One

“Maritimo One is experiencing an increase in demand from customers who have very specific ideas of what they want in their vessels particularly from the sport fishing sector,” said Maritimo’s general manager operations, Phil Candler.

“Since the Maritimo One division launch last year we have produced a number of boats with specialized fish modifications, including a 72 foot enclosed flybridge to New Zealand, which has caused a wave of enquiry from the region”.

An M59 model, also with game tower and modifications to cockpit and transom, is the next vessel to come via the Maritimo One customisation division.

Common custom inclusions in specific fish boat setups to date include, fully enclosed fish cockpit modifications with transom doors, reversing transoms, game chairs, game towers, live bait tanks, tuna tubes, outriggers, aft flybridge helms, and more.

“The owner of the latest Maritimo One S51 is a serious fishing fanatic and he knew exactly how he wanted to set up his new boat, which is the third Maritimo he has owned,” said Candler.

“The big benefit of the Maritimo One process is that owners like this can be heavily involved in the design and build process and get to spend a lot of one on one time with the factory representatives to ensure they get exactly what they want.

To learn more about Maritimo One contact BMS Maritimo.