Tips for maximising the sale price of your boat

There comes a time in the life of every boatie when you’re ready to move on to another boat. It’s probably larger, and it might be faster, shinier, or just newer. Your old boat has been a good companion but you’ve got “boat fever”.

Presenting your boat for sale in top condition can make the difference between a quick sale and a long on-market time, and ultimately the financial potential available.

Here’s some simple tips on how to maximise the sale price of your boat:

  1. Clean your boat – the first 30 seconds are the most critical when a potential buyer looks over your boat. So having it clean is critical for creating a good first impression.  “Appearance is everything.  It means quicker offers and more value for your boat” says Tony Jones, Sales Manager of BMS, Runaway Bay.
    • Wash the deck and wash the hull.
    • Give it a good airing and get rid of musty odours.
    • Get any mildew off cushions and covers.
  1. Tidy your boat – get rid of clutter and personal belongings.  An open airy boat gives the potential buyer scope to imagine it outfitted with their own gear. Your goal is to have it looking as close to that new boat brochure look as possible.
  2. Engine – A clean engine compartment is always reassuring to buyers. Make sure the engine starts easily, that the batteries are fully charged, and that the electronics are all working.
  3. Make minor Repairs – touch up any paint or varnish.  Make sure everything is in good working order, and repair what isn’t.
  4. Do the ‘fluff” – You need to make your boat look attractive and inviting, and it doesn’t take much to achieve that effect. Think about homes you’ve inspected, where comfy pillows made the bedroom seem inviting and a table setting in the dining table was ready for a friendly party.

Saying goodbye to an old friend is always tough, but that’s offset by getting top dollar that you can put toward that new dream boat.

For more information on selling your boat, please call us at BMS on 07 5564 2383.