Wake Surfing behind a luxury 70-foot cruiser? Bring it on!

Most people have had a crack at wake surfing behind a conventional sized boat or wake boat. But not many have had the opportunity to catch the wave of a 70ft super yacht.  So last weekend the BMS Maritimo crew teamed up with JSW power sports to put this to the test.

The Maritimo S70 luxury sedan motor yacht is defined by the ultimate in Maritimo style, engineering, power and outstanding efficiency.  It is the ultimate cruiser for entertaining the most discerning boating connoisseur.  But we weren’t certain this 70ft beauty was up to the challenge of keeping a bunch of thrill seeking wake surfers safely engaged for a day out on the water.

The result?  A resounding YES – the Maritimo S70 stood completely up to the test.

Maritimo S70 Wake Surfing

As we powered through the waves, it became easy to appreciate why wake surfing is so popular. The wake was a fair bit larger than what the team from JSW power sports are used to. It resulted in lots of ‘air’ time, which was perfect for keeping the adrenalin pumping.

The Martimo S70 effortlessly accommodated the 12 of us in comfort without feeling crowded. This is not surprising since the expansive layout contains multiple entertaining and living spaces.


Thanks to Club Marine, Boatsales, Malibu, Seadoo, Boat Sales and of course JSW power sports for all coming together to make the S70 Wake Surfing challenge a success.